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Ring, The Vol. 0 Birthday (GN)
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Ring, The Vol. 0 Birthday (GN)

Product ID: #9781593073060

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Thirty years before the setting of the American blockbuster adaptation of The Ring, Sadako Yamamura was just a young girl, thrust from society because of her dangerous and fascinating psychic powers. It's hard to imagine, but the girl who would eventually climb out of your television set and kill you with pure fear was once a very pretty and confused girl. This is the story of Sadako, before she was a dead body in the well, the story of a scary power emerging from a nervous girl.

Author/Artist: Hiroshi Takahashi, Misao
Format: Softcover, 5" x 7"
ISBN: 9781593073060
Publisher: © Digital Manga Publishing, Dark Horse, Nov.2003
156 b/w pages
English Text

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