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Princess Princess Vol. 05 (GN)
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Reviewer: Shoji

I'm really disappointed that this series has come to an end but this volume is one of my favorites. There is so much that goes on there that it is nearly impossible to describe everything here but I must say that I love the plan that Tohru and Shihoudani come up with to help Akira with the student government elections. I can't wait for the next manga from Mikiyo Tsuda to come out!!

Princess Princess Vol. 05 (GN)

Product ID: #9781569708507

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Final Volume!
Our princesses are torn apart over the candidates for the next student council president. Tough Akira would have no competition in the election? Think again! A new face has come to town and hes dead-set on winning the Presidency. Transfer student Mitaka has declared war and is steadily rallying the support of more and more students. Even the support of Mikoto? But Akira's die hard supporters Tohru and Shihoudani have a secret plan to ensure Akira's success. The tale of our beloved princesses has finally come to an end; join them as they take the stage one final time!

Author/Artist: Mikiyo Tsuda
Manufacturer: Digital Manga Publishing
ISBN: 1569708509
ISBN-13: 9781567908507
192 pages
Dimensions: 6 x 8.25
Age 16+
Release Date: November, 2007

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