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* * * * *   October 27, 2010
Reviewer: Kimi-Chan

Volume two of the popular Millennium Prime Minister series sees us taking a step back with Minori and following Sai, Matsumoto, and Kanata as they each come to grips with the change in their lives that Minori and her relationship with Kanata brings. Minori spends a lot of time observing and digesting the ramifications of what happens, spending her time away from the residence of the Prime Minister as Kanata tries to shield her from feeding frenzy caused by speculation over the aide's absence. Minori has come to terms with her attraction to Kanata, but she saw all too well what Sai's hidden feelings were, and feels distress at having hurt him. Is she responsible, and if so what can she do? And what about Matsumoto? Just what is he going to do about Sai? It is one dilemma after another for our cast of characters, and the drama keeps on coming along with the laughs. As usual the art is sweet and uncomplicated, with backgrounds detailed only when they need to be. I also quite enjoyed the little humorous messages from the mangaka at the end, and felt sorry for the assistant who had to draw the PM's residence. He apparently spent days working on them using photos of the actual residence, only to have to face relearning again as the PM's residence was rebuilt and now looks completely different. It sounds like a dilemma a member of this PM's staff might find himself in, though I am certain he did not find it funny at the time. At 192 pages, it is not too long, being just long enough to further the story along and whet our appetite for the next art of the story arc. Eiki Eiki may be famed for her Boy's Love titles, and Sai is indeed gay, but make no mistake about it, this is the pure shojo love story between Minori and Kanata, so his happily ever after is heading a different direction. Just where that is yet remains to be revealed, as does the final outcome of Minori and Kanata's love and the impact it will have on Japan's political world.

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