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Happy Boys Vol. 01 (GN)
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* * * * *   November 12, 2009
Reviewer: BLuv

Another one of Makoto Tateno's outstanding works. This seems to me like a really promising start to a wonderful series. I mean Butler Bishounen what more could you ask for? What I particularly enjoy about this one is that it takes a look behind all the glitz and glam of a Butler Cafe and shows us a bunch of boys just trying to live life. Much more lighthearted than some of her previous work (Yellow, Steal Moon) But still just as good! This one is jammed pack with lots of good looking guys and promises many interesting developments in relationships later on. I cant wait for the next one! *o*

* * * * *   October 27, 2009
Reviewer: BLove

Ever been to a Butler Cafe? Well now you can! I swear the first few pages of this book capture the experience perfectly! ^_^ As always Makoto Tateno's Characters are gorgeous and full of spunk as always. But I think what I appreciate the most for this one is that they do look different from ones in her previous works. Anyways there's lots of promise in this one for character development and maybe some spicy relationships! Can't wait for the next volume! =D

Happy Boys Vol. 01 (GN)

Product ID: #9781569700853

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“Welcome home, madam!” For the patrons of Lady Braganza, an afternoon outing for tea and cake becomes an immersion in high-class lifestyle, where mannered servants attend to their each and every need. You see, Lady Braganza is a butler café, and the cheerful staff of Shiva, Renjo, Ivory, Silk and Eve are charged with the task of making each and every “sir” or “madam” feel like pampered royalty! Based on the hit TV series in Japan and featuring story and art by popular creator, Makoto Tateno (Yellow, Hero Heel), Happy Boys serves up a slice-of-life look at the hilarious goings-on behind closed doors at a butler café. Join this colorful cast of characters as they give it their all to please you!

Author/Artist: Makoto Tateno
ISBN: 1569700850
ISBN-13: 9781569700853
Manufacturer: DokiDoki
200 (approx.)
Dimensions: 5.125" x 7.1875"
Age Teen 13+
Release Date: Sep 23, 2009

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