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Ring, The Vol. 01 (GN)
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Ring, The Vol. 01 (GN)

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Everyone knows about urban legends, those stories that seem implausible, like they could never really happen. But what if one of the creepy, seemingly impossible stories was actually to occur?
Somewhere in Japan, there's a cabin in which you might watch a program that will change your life... in fact, it will take your life. She will take your life. She calls out from the afterlife, from the dark bottom of a forgotten well. And if she calls you, one week is all you have left to find the answer to her curse.

The Ring has become a worldwide media sensation, having been adapted from its original novel series in Japan into movies, television, and manga. If you've seen the films, you know of the creepy horror of The Ring. Lovingly adapted by the author and screenplay writer of the Japanese film series, The Ring manga takes you deeper into the mythos of creepy death.

Author/Artist: Hiroshi Takahashi, Kouji Suzuki, Misao Inagaki
Format: Softcover, 5" x 7"
ISBN: 9781593070540
Publisher: © Digital Manga Publishing, Dark Horse, Nov.2003

304 b/w pages
English Text

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