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The Akadot/OmochaBox/Broccoli "Di Gi Charat" Fan Art contest launched on July 4th and ended on July 31st. Vote for your favorite in each of the three age groups and for the overall winner at OmochaBox. One lucky voter, chosen at random, will also receive an autographed illustration from Koge-Donbo, character designer of Di Gi Charat.

The three age groups are:

  1. 18 years of age and over
  2. 13 - 17 years of age
  3. 12 years of age and under

Drawings will be judged by a panel of representatives from Broccoli, OmochaBox and Akadot and be rated on style, creativity and technique.  The best drawing overall as voted from a pool of finalists by Akadot and OmochaBox visitors will win a Chocola 2000 art book signed by "Di Gi Charat" character designer and famed doujinshi artist Koge-Donbo.  A runner up in each of three age groups will receive a "Di Gi Charat" illustration signed by Koge-Donbo.

a. All entries must be original artworks and not copies or facsimiles of previously published images of "Di Gi Charat" characters.  Plagiarized entries will be immediately disqualified.

b. Only one entry per person, and all submitted artwork must be completed solely by that entrant. Artwork mailed to Digital Manga, Inc. will not be returned. A color photocopy of artwork may be submitted in the place of the original artwork, as long as it was created by the entrant.

c. Digital Manga, Inc. reserves the right to post entries on Akadot.com and OmochaBox.com.

d. Digital Manga / OmochaBox / Akadot will chose 5 entries in each age group. The entries will be voted on in an open poll from August 6 and ending on August 13 by 11:59 PM Pacific time. The winners from each age group and the overall winner will be announced on August 15th.

e. If images are more than 200 KB in file size, they will not be accepted.

f. See additional rules for more information.

Additional Rules:

1. Entries must be received by 11:59 pm Pacific time on July 31st, 2001.
2. If you are an employee of Digital Manga Inc., a relative of an employee, or if you've won any of Digital Manga / OmochaBox / Akadot contests in the past six months, you are not eligible to enter.
3. All entries must contain a way for Digital Manga to be able to contact the winners, either via email or telephone. If there is no way to contact the entrant, the entry is null and void.
4. Prizes must be claimed within 10 business days of announcing the winners. Digital Manga / OmochaBox / Akadot are not responsible for unclaimed prizes.
5. Professional artists are prohibited. This is an amateur artist contest.
6. By entering the contest, you agree to let Digital Manga / OmochaBox / Akadot post the entries on Akadot.com and OmochaBox.com.
7. Void where prohibited.
8. Verification of identity and age will be required to claim prizes.
9. If duplicate entries are found, all the entries for that person will be null and void.
10. Digital Manga / OmochaBox / Akadot reserves the right to throw out any entry it feels violated a rule.
11. Digital Manga / OmochaBox / Akadot isn't responsible for technical problems that result in failed or incomplete entries.

Questions? E-mail info@akadot.com or info@omochabox.com.

For more Di Gi Charat goods, check out OmochaBox.com.

Di Gi Charat © Broccoli / Illustration by Koge-Donbo.