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Low Brow: Akadot talks to George Krstic and Chris Prynoski about their new animated pilot, 'Low Brow', premiering on Cartoon Network.
Interviewed by: Isaac Lew and Trisha Kunimoto  
Written by: Trisha Kunimoto  
George and Chris in the studio.

Fans of Japanese animation, video games, and pop culture, George Krstic and Chris Prynoski are giving back to the pop culture community with their new animated series Low Brow, which pilots this month on Cartoon Network. Famous for the emmy-nomiated MTV series Downtown, Chris and George have worked together on a new animated series that fans of every pop culture genre can enjoy. Filled with video game, Japanese animation, wrestling, and even hot rod gags and references, Low Brow has something for everyone.

Colloborating on a series from what they know and love, Low Brow will be a special treat for Japanese animation fans in particular. Even though the story and layout were done in America, work for Low Brow was also done in Japan by Madhouse, a famous animation studio responsible for favorites such as Ninja Scroll and Pefect Blue. Pioneering this new style of animation, Akadot had the opportunity to talk with Chris and George and take a look at their latest project.

Akadot: Your latest animation project, Low Brow pilot will premiere on Cartoon Network. Can you please give us a little background information about the story?

George: The story is about a guy named Coop who finds a giant robot in a garbage dump, not realizing it is actually a weapon sent mistakenly from the future. He takes it home and starts retrofitting it, making it even more powerful then what it was before.

Kiva, the creator of the robot is sent from the future to bring it back, but finds out that it has been changed into a hot-rod nightmare. Since she can no longer fly the robot, Kiva has to train Coop to pilot the robot to save the world from an alien invasion. Coop uses his video game skills to take on the role of a hero, whether he likes it or not.

We have an amazing cast that really made the characters come to life. We have Wendee Lee who voiced Faye Valentine in Cowboy Bebop. Also, the wrestler Mick Foley will voice the villain in Low Brow. At first, Cartoon Network gave us a list of all these people, but we already knew what we wanted. We told them, "That's great, but we want these actors." They were really cool and contacted everyone and made the arrangements.

George Krstic and Chris Prynoski

Akadot: What was your inspiration for Low Brow?

Chris: We wanted to do a series based on what we know. Basically, if you ever watched anime, Godzilla, wrestling, own a Playstation 2, or like hot roding, you'll recognize the gags in our series. We tried to be true to all the cultures. There are also a lot of video game gags. If you ever played video games, no matter what system, you'll be like "Hey!"

Akadot: So you are basically coming back and giving a treat to the fans of all likes.

Chris: Again that's where we live. We tried to be true, although we did have to change the colors on the game controllers. You can tell that we modeled them after specific game systems of the past.

George: The strength of the show comes from Chris, and Jodyís talents and the fact that we know this culture in and out. Itís kind of what came through on Downtown, which is open-faced honesty. We donít have an assistant telling us, "Oh, the kids really like this ĎPlaystationĀEthing. Why donít you take a look at it?" Then, they just leave it in their box. They donít know.

Chris: Or they know from their kids. "My daughter likes that video gaming thing." Theyíre not up for four days playing Halo, man. We are. [Laughs]

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